April 19, 2017

Partner in Focus: Kozminski University

Paulina Bednarz – Łuczewska, PhD - pbednarzluczewska@kozminski.edu.pl

Value Creation and Capturing  in the Polish Furniture Industry. Quantitative - qualitative  research

The study’s aim is to scrutinize the process of  value creation and value capture in the furniture industry in Poland. In  particular, we want to find out how economic value has been created and what  kind of strategies turned out to be successful in value capturing. In other  words, we want to reconstruct various business models within the industry as  well as the trajectories of development of those business models.


Mariola  Ciszewska-Mlinarič, PhD - mariolac@kozminski.edu.pl

Perceived distance in the internationalization  process of Polish firms: determinants, distance-reducing mechanisms, and  influence on key strategic choices and outcomes

This research project explores determinants and  effects of perceived distance in the process of internationalization of  Polish firms. The main research objectives are twofold. First, the project  aims at understanding the influence of distance between domestic and foreign  markets as perceived by managers (psychic distance), both on the  internationalization process of Polish firms (operating in high-, medium- and  low-tech industries), and on the outcomes of this process. Second, it aims at  formulating a model of reducing perceived distance in the process of  internationalization. An additional goal of the project is to define  dimensions of the perceived distance, which are crucial from the point of  view of managers and entrepreneurs, as well as to examine the phenomenon of  the psychic distance paradox in detail.


Professor Dariusz Jemielniak - darekj@kozminski.edu.pl

Cultural norms and social organization in open  collaboration communities

Since there are apparent differences between the  open collaboration projects and other forms of organization, and also since  there are differences within the open collaboration communities, between the  expert driven (e.g. FLOSS) and the non-expert ones (Wikipedia), there is an  emerging research field, which so far has not been sufficiently delved into  by researchers. The objective of the project, therefore, is to create a  qualitative, interpretive analysis of organizational practices in non-expert  open collaboration communities, on the example of three different Wikipedia  projects (from different countries), and Twitter/Blip and Pinterest. 


Professor  Andrzej K.Koźmiński - kozmin@kozminski.edu.pl

Development of Bounded Leadership Model

The main research goal of the project is development  of a Bounded Leadership Theory among corporate managers and entrepreneurial  managers based on guidelines provided by the latest researches of professor  Koźmiński (2013) in this extent. The following research issues are subject of  the project: How competences affect power of leadership? What impact on the  leadership power has awareness of barriers and ability to overcome them? What  factors are crucial in the field of overcoming barriers? What limits in the  groups included in the survey are the hardest and the simplest to overcome?