August 8, 2018

The Future of Management Development is Here!

The overall aim of the Lead4Skills project was to provide Higher Education Institutions with a comprehensive set of insights, guidelines and materials that would help develop more relevant and innovative management education offerings. It was important to base materials and guidelines on the real needs of businesses and economies, as this leads to reduction of management skills mismatch.

Conducting over 100 interviews with company representatives and several educational seminars we are happy to provide you with several important outputs, are openly available for you to use.

The Cross Country Report on Management Development Needs provides individual country reports from all participating countries, several vase studies which give further insights into specific challenges and an overview chapter on common issues and challenges that business and management development environments are facing.

Guidelines for Management and Leadership Skills Development present a summary of the key issues identified during the cross-country report preparation, as well as specific guidelines including Guidelines for curriculum development, Guidelines for teaching/learning materials development, and Guidelines for teaching methods, tools and techniques development. These chapters will be most useful for faculty members and decision-makers of management development institutions, helping them introduce more relevant and innovative approaches to education with a better balance between academic rigor and development of practical skills. We also provide insights from educational seminars that we have organised.

Teaching Case Study Collection provides a wide selection of class tested teaching case studies along with teaching notes. You are free to use them in your teaching, but we advise to also take a look at insights from Teaching and Writing Case Studies Seminar which you can find in the Guidelines publication.